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"A private collection of art, one that is contemporary in this case, is a process, a choice, a commitment that carries or has a critical view and a different look."

Born in 2006, the collection has more than 200 works by contemporary national and international renowned artists, and in 2015 began to gain a more curatorial definition.

"Dematerialization is a recurring theme in the collection, the world is constantly dematerializing in the way we know it. Collecting represents an attempt to stop or retain what was, to register what is important for our lives and representative of a certain time, even if that moment is yesterday. Newspapers, disks, slides, coins, photos, forms, books, postcards; they are all objects that were part of my childhood and my life, although many are no longer useful. What we wish to register with the collection is the speed at which the world is changing.

The moment the collection recovers what is gone, it questions what lies ahead. An example may be the work of Marine Hugonnier (part of the collection), where she shows newspapers reporting the fall of the Berlin Wall. The dematerialization of the wall paved the way for a new century, as well as the objects I spoke of, certainly revealing a new world where reality merges with digital. "

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