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The YBYTU artist residency was born from a growing want of collectors Georgiana Rothier and Bernardo Faria to create an international and multidisciplinary artistic residency program in São Paulo. With a long history of collaborating with several public and private institutions, the two decided to use the know-how accumulated over the years to create a project that mirrored their ideas.


The first residence was scheduled to start in April 2020. Suddenly everything changed, and as the world is suddenly going through a unique moment in its history, times of fear, isolation and a lot of uncertainty. After much thought, the idea of moving forward with the project's first artistic residency seemed to be the most sensible. Even if in the midst of the adverse conditions in which we all find ourselves.


This initiative has as its main goal promote a new opportunity for artists who seek time to think and explore their artistic practice in the context of a studio, and their relationship with the artistic and cultural environment.

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