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Juliana dos Santos

1987, São Paulo, Brazil

Lives and works in

São Paulo


Visual artist, master in art / education and doctoral student with a Capes in Arts scholarship from the Institute of Arts at Universidade Estadual Paulista UNESP. Juliana ends up integrating the collection of the Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo and participating in the exhibition Enciclopédia Negra.


The artist has been working on video, painting, performance, photography and multimedia, and investigating the Blue color of the Clitória Ternátea flower as a possibility of color as an experience of the process of expanding the senses. Her research takes place at the intersection between art, history and education, with an interest in the way black artists have engaged in practices to deal with the limits of representation.


She held her first solo show in 2018, as a guest artist / teacher at the artistic residency at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Her first national solo was for the Paço das Artes Project Season in 2019. She was awarded third place 16 Visual Arts Salon of Ubatuba. This year she was selected in the 12 Abre-Alas of A Gentil Carioca gallery (RJ). Still in 2021 she participated in the 12th edition of the Mercosul Biennial and is part of the artist team of the Sesc Sorocaba Arts Triennial (2020/2021).

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